Hillsdale Churchill Conference with Nigel Farage

January 4, 2017

With “Our Nige” at Hillsdale, 20 Feb. 2017  I am pleased to join Nigel Farage and my colleagues at Hillsdale College‘s next Churchill Conference and Dinner, held in conjunction with the “The Art of Winston Churchill: An Exhibition at Hillsdale College,” including paintings and memorabilia. Like most Hillsdale Churchill conferences, there are no registration fees or meal charges, […]

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75 Years On: New Year 1942

December 31, 2016

Here’s to a year of toil—a year of struggle and peril, and a long step forward towards victory. May we all come through safe and with honour!” Somewhere east of Ottawa, a special train bore the Prime Minister of Great Britain toward Washington, after he had addressed Canada’s Parliament. In Ottawa he had spoken of the […]

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“The Crown”: A Not So Crowning Achievement

December 14, 2016

 Reviewed in the Daily Caller, 2 December 2016 The Crown, 2016. Produced for Netflix by Left Bank Pictures, created and written by Peter Morgan. Ten episodes released 4 November 2016. A second season is commissioned.  =  N.B. Since writing this, more false trails emerged. Consulting 1952 documents at the Hillsdale College Churchill Project and Churchill Archives Centre, […]

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Pearl Harbor +75: All in the Same Boat. Still.

December 7, 2016

A slightly extended version of my piece on Pearl Harbor: “How, 75 years ago today, we were saved,” in The American Spectator, 7 December 2016…. Seventy-five years ago today, Winston Churchill was pondering survival. Hitler gripped Europe from France to deep inside Russia. Nazi U-boats were strangling British shipping; Rommel’s Afrika Korps was advancing on Suez. Britain’s only ally […]

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Fitzroy Maclean: Wit & Wisdom

December 1, 2016

Sir Fitzroy Maclean was a swashbuckling adventurer, soldier, writer and politician. In World War II he was Churchill’s representative to Tito, who led Yugoslav Partisans against the Germans. One of my great privileges was knowing him and Lady Veronica, and hearing their captivating recollections. Proofing galleys for Winston S. Churchill: Document Volume 20, May-December 1944, the Hillsdale College Churchill Project comes across many gems. Not least of […]

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