Month: February 2009

War and Shame

War and Shame

What did Churchill say about those who trade hon­or for peace hav­ing in nei­ther in the end? —D.B.

There are two like­ly quo­ta­tions. The first was Churchill in a let­ter to Lloyd George on 13 August 1938, just before the Munich Con­fer­ence:

I think we shall have to choose in the next few weeks between war and shame, and I have very lit­tle doubt what the deci­sion will be.

Ref­er­ence is Churchill by Him­self, page 256, quot­ing Mar­tin Gilbert, ed., Win­ston S. Churchill, Com­pan­ion Vol­ume V Part 3, The Com­ing of War 1936-1939 (Lon­don: Heine­mann 1982), page 1117.)

A month lat­er, Churchill wrote to his friend Lord Moyne, explain­ing why a pro­posed vis­it to Moyne in Antigua might be prob­lem­at­ic.…

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