Month: September 2014

“Squeeze Germany until the Pips Squeak”

“Squeeze Germany until the Pips Squeak”

Writ­ing in the Ari­zona Repub­lic, Clay Thomp­son prop­er­ly cor­rects a read­er. It was not Churchill who coined the phrase, “we shall squeeze Ger­many until the pips squeak.” Mr. Thomp­son cor­rect­ly replied that the author was like­ly Sir Eric Camp­bell-Ged­des, First Lord of the Admi­ral­ty  in 1917-19. No soon­er had Ged­des uttered it than the line was ascribed to Prime Min­is­ter David Lloyd George. It worked well in the 1918 British gen­er­al elec­tion, which Lloyd George hand­i­ly won.

Lloyd George was per­son­al­ly not revenge-mind­ed. But as a politi­cian he was all too ready to adopt the pop­u­lar cry “Hang the Kaiser.”…

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