Assault on Winston Churchill, 2018: A Reader’s Guide

Assault on Winston Churchill, 2018: A Reader’s Guide

Assault count: Since I am los­ing track, I thought it would be con­ve­nient to cre­ate an index to smears of Win­ston Churchill fol­low­ing the film Dark­est Hour. Note the sim­i­lar­i­ty of top­ics. Many writ­ers feed off each oth­er, repeat­ing the same dis­proven argu­ments. Nev­er do they check Churchill quotes or The Churchill Doc­u­ments —which prove them irre­triev­ably wrong. The order is most recent first.

Assault and battery…

Assault of 10 Octo­ber: His­to­ri­an Andrew Roberts was attacked for over­look­ing old chest­nuts list­ed below, and two new ones. Appar­ent­ly Churchill drove Gertrude Bell to sui­cide and deval­ued the pound. Some­how, how­ev­er, when he ran the trea­sury, the pound gained in val­ue. Response on this web­site.
Assault of 5 Octo­ber: Retired U.S. astro­naut Scott Kel­ly tweet­ed a point about civic decen­cy: “One of the great­est lead­ers of mod­ern times, Sir Win­ston Churchill said, ‘in vic­to­ry, mag­na­nim­i­ty.’” Matthew D’Ancona nice­ly wrote in the Evening Stan­dard: “Like a mete­or storm bom­bard­ing a cap­sule in orbit, furi­ous trolls attacked him on social media.” Churchill was “as good as Hitler.” He was respon­si­ble for the Ben­gal Famine.  He was a big­ot, mass-mur­der­er and racist. Kel­ly fold­ed like a three-dol­lar suit­case. “Did not mean to offend by quot­ing Churchill. My apolo­gies. I will go and edu­cate myself fur­ther on his atroc­i­ties, racist views which I do not sup­port.” This load of ven­om was also refut­ed by Andrew Roberts in the Dai­ly Tele­graph:  “Of course Churchill was a great leader. It was utter­ly craven of Scott Kel­ly to apol­o­gise for say­ing so.” (Text avail­able upon request.)

* * *


Assault of 15 March: Adri­ja Roy­chowd­hury, “An unpop­u­lar racist,” Indi­an Express (Prais­ing Mus­soli­ni, pre­fer­ring Nazis to Com­mu­nists, Ben­gal famine, poi­son gas.) Response by Richard Lang­worth in the Com­ments sec­tion (lim­it­ed to 1000 char­ac­ters and no links).

Assault of 10 March: Shashi Tha­roor, “Hol­ly­wood rewards a mass mur­der­er,” Wash­ing­ton Post. (Ben­gal famine, bomb­ing Irish pro­test­ers, poi­son gas, hat­ing Indi­ans.) Response by Soren Geiger, Hills­dale Col­lege Churchill Project, in The Amer­i­can Spec­ta­tor.

Assault of 9 March: Shree Parad­kar, “Win­ston Churchill, the bar­bar­ic mon­ster,” Toron­to Star. (Ben­gal famine, Kenya, Greece, “Aryan stock” quote.) Response by Ter­ry Rear­don, Hills­dale Col­lege Churchill Project.

Assault of 2 March: “…The Castlerosse Affair,” Jour­nal of Con­tem­po­rary His­to­ry. (Writ­ten ver­sion of Churchill’s sup­posed affair with Doris Castlerosse.) Response by Richard Lang­worth, Amer­i­can Spec­ta­tor.

Assault of 25 Feb­ru­ary: “Churchill’s Secret Affair,” UK Chan­nel 4. (Churchill cheat­ed on his wife in a four-year affair.) Response by Andrew Roberts, The Spec­ta­tor & Hills­dale Churchill Project.

Assault of 23 Feb­ru­ary: Tom Black­well, “Some won­der if he was more war crim­i­nal…” Nation­al Post. (Ben­gal famine, though in this one case the author does quote a few defend­ers.). Response on this web­site.

Assault of 23 Jan­u­ary: Louise Raw, “…Don’t for­get his prob­lem­at­ic past,” The Inde­pen­dent. (Kenya, Ben­gal Famine, Welsh strik­ers, hate for Indi­ans, Islam­o­pho­bia, etc.) Response on Facebook.

* * *

Near­ly forty years ago an equal­ly great Churchill per­for­mance, Robert Hardy in The Wilder­ness Years,  was received with equal acclaim by press and pub­lic. There was no cho­rus of hate, no trumped-up charges, no hint that Churchill’s over­all record was in any way debat­able. Alas times have changed.


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