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Churchill’s “Visual Philosophy”: All the Curtis Hooper Prints

Churchill’s “Visual Philosophy”: All the Curtis Hooper Prints

Exhibited at Hillsdale College

In the 1970s, Sarah Churchill was involved in the com­mer­cial pub­li­ca­tion of a series of twen­ty-eight intaglio draw­ings by Cur­tis Hoop­er enti­tled, “A Visu­al Phi­los­o­phy of Sir Win­ston Churchill.”  The draw­ings were based upon famous Churchill pho­tographs and Sarah sup­plied suit­able quo­ta­tions for each.

Decades have passed since Sir Winston’s death, but Cur­tis Hooper’s dra­mat­ic graphite draw­ings are as life­like as ever. “While many only know Churchill for his wartime lead­er­ship, the ‘Visu­al Phi­los­o­phy’ series is unique in that it con­tains vignettes drawn from through­out his entire life,” said Churchill Fel­low and Hills­dale senior Ross Hatley.…

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