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Unpunctuality: Churchill’s Vice

Unpunctuality: Churchill’s Vice

I have been told that when Churchill arrived late for a meet­ing with the Queen, express­ing his regret by say­ing, “My sin­cere apolo­gies madam, I start­ed too late.” But I haven’t found any ref­er­ence to this. Can you help? —A.P.-H., England

This famous late show was not with the Queen but with the Prince of Wales, lat­er Edward VII (1901-10). Robert Lewis Tay­lor, in Win­ston Churchill: An Infor­mal Study of Great­ness (New York Dou­ble­day, 1952, 16) writes:

As a very young sub­al­tern, he once kept the Prince of Wales and a din­ner par­ty of twelve wait­ing for near­ly an hour.…

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