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Churchill on Italian Cruise Ships: Untrue

Churchill on Italian Cruise Ships: Untrue

WSC observ­ing the Bar­bary apes on Gibral­tar, whose pop­u­la­tion he safe­guard­ed owing to the rumor that British rule would end if the apes dis­ap­peared, dur­ing a stop on one of his "Christi­na" cruis­es, after his retire­ment as Prime Min­is­ter.

It’s all over the Web. And entire­ly bogus.

After his  retire­ment, goes the sto­ry, Churchill was cruis­ing the Mediter­ranean on an Ital­ian lin­er  and an Ital­ian jour­nal­ist asked why a for­mer British Prime Min­is­ter chose an Ital­ian ship. “There are three things I like about being on an Ital­ian cruise ship,” Churchill sup­pos­ed­ly says. “First, their cui­sine is unsur­passed.…

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