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Churchill and the Baltic States: From WW2 to Liberation

Churchill and the Baltic States: From WW2 to Liberation

EXCERPT ONLY: For the com­plete text of “Churchill and the Baltic” with end­notes, please go to this page on the Hills­dale Col­lege Churchill Project.

“No doubt where the right lay”: 1940-95

Sovi­et Ambas­sador Ivan Maisky was a “Bollinger Bol­she­vik” who mixed sup­port for Com­mu­nism with a love of West­ern lux­u­ry. Friend­ly to Churchill, he knew the Eng­lish­man hoped to sep­a­rate Hitler and Stal­in, even after World War II had start­ed.

But Maisky tend­ed to see what he wished to see. In Decem­ber he record­ed: “The British Gov­ern­ment announces its readi­ness to rec­og­nize ‘de fac­to’ the changes in the Baltics so as to set­tle ‘de jure’ the whole issue lat­er, prob­a­bly after the war.” There was no such announce­ment.…

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Boris Says the Strangest Things

Boris Says the Strangest Things

Boris John­son, whose book, The Churchill Fac­tor, is fet­ed wide­ly, speaks his mind with a smile. Like Mr. Oba­ma, he’s a chap I’d like to share a pint with at the local.

But fame and lik­a­bil­i­ty don’t a Churchill schol­ar make. And in that depart­ment, Boris John­son needs some help.

His remarks are quot­ed from a Novem­ber 14th speech at the Yale Club in New York City.

Boris Fact-checks

1) Lend-Lease, Roosevelt’s World War II “loan” of $50 bil­lion worth of war materiel to the Allies, “screwed” the British.

I queried Pro­fes­sor War­ren Kim­ball of Rut­gers Uni­ver­si­ty, edi­tor of the Churchill-Roo­sevelt Cor­re­spon­dence and sev­er­al books on World War II, who wrote:

The U.S.…

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