Printed Signatures and “Painting as a Pastime”

Printed Signatures and “Painting as a Pastime”

I recent­ly acquired Paint­ing as a Pas­time, reprint­ed 1965.  Across  from the title page is the mem­o­rable pho­to of Mr. Churchill at an easel.   Under this pho­to is his sig­na­ture.  The sig­na­ture seems authen­tic,  how­ev­er I am not an expert and am unsure.  For this edi­tion, is there a  sig­na­ture that has been print­ed under the pho­to?  —W.R.

wscpaintingYes; it’s a print­ed sig­na­ture, present in every copy of the book. When Churchill actu­al­ly signed copies, it would usu­al­ly be on the first free end­pa­per, or occa­sion­al­ly on the title page. 

Paint­ing as a Pas­time, Churchill’s charm­ing essay on his chief hob­by (and oth­er hobbies—he is also big on books) was first pub­lished in The Strand mag­a­zine in 1921, reprint­ed in Thoughts and Adven­tures, and final­ly pub­lished as a vol­ume in its own right in 1948. It has noth­ing what­ev­er to do with war or pol­i­tics, and every­thing to do with hav­ing fun. Numer­ous reprints make it read­i­ly available.

For lovers of his paint­ings, the best book avail­able is Sir Win­ston Churchill: His Life and His Paint­ings, by David Coombs and Min­nie Churchill, which doc­u­ments all 550+ paint­ings, traces their where­abouts, and pic­tures most of them in full color. 

5 thoughts on “Printed Signatures and “Painting as a Pastime”

  1. hi! i just recent­ly bought a paint­ing. There is a sig­na­ture on the low­er right signed “Win­ston” There is a nice veiew of the sea and the hous­es and few boats and the pat­tern looks like of him. looks like some­one paint­ed from the win­dow view of a house. plese, let me know if you need pic­tures as am ready to send but dun­no where to post it. 

    hope­ful­ly the pho­to will come if yoiu click here if not let me know your email add so that i can send you the pictures.

    i would appre­ci­ate any infor­ma­tion regard­ing this. thanks.

  2. I had a patient of mine give me a box of signed books that her hus­band had before he passed away. With­in the box was a copy of Paint­ing As A Pas­time. The first page has Sir Winston’s sig­na­ture a the date of 1950. This sig­na­ture in addi­tion to the print­ed sig­na­ture locat­ed with­in the book. The Patient told me her hus­band was the pres­i­dent of McGraw-Hill book com­pa­ny and that he work with sir Win­ston to get McGraw in Europe. I do not know if this is so, but with­in the book was a pho­to of her hus­band shak­ing hands with Sir Win­ston. He had 117 signed books with­in the box and I am hon­ored to have such a gift. I was won­der­ing what the signed copy and pho­to might be worth for insur­ance rea­sons. Any help would be great. Thanks Matthew

  3. Tom, that’s fair­ly unique. To my knowl­edge they rarely inscribed copies joint­ly. CSC’s sig­na­ture is worth much less than WSC’s, of course, but the two of them togeth­er, with the prove­nance you men­tion, makes a very spe­cial item indeed. US$7500 is not out of line for an inscribed first edi­tion. Despite the cur­rent econ­o­my, a Churchill book­seller friend tells me, prices have not dropped for pre­mi­um inscribed copies, although sales are less frequent.

  4. Regard­ing your com­ments about “Paint­ing as a Pas­time”. I was recent­ly giv­en a first edi­tion signed as a Christ­mas gift by both Clemen­tine and Win­ston Churchill. I also have a let­ter from the recipient’s daugh­ter (an elder­ly friend of mine) explain­ing who the recip­i­ent was. I have seen items on-line sug­gest­ing that a copy of the first edi­tion signed by Sir Win­ston him­self sells for about $US7500. I have no idea whether any oth­er copies exist signed by both the Churchills. Any infor­ma­tion you could give me would be appreciated.

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