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Facsimile Churchill Holograph Letters

Facsimile Churchill Holograph Letters

I am fre­quent­ly shown copies of appar­ent­ly gen­uine auto­graph let­ters signed by Churchill and writ­ten entire­ly in his own hand. To the dis­ap­point­ment of many, they are not orig­i­nals, but extreme­ly good fac­sim­i­le copies from Churchill’s Pri­vate Office.

At least nine vari­a­tions of repli­ca print­ed holo­graph notes were repro­duced by the thou­sands by to thank well-wish­ers, whose con­grat­u­la­tions poured in on impor­tant dates such as Churchill’s birth­day. They are very nice­ly pro­duced and appear orig­i­nal; some appear actu­al­ly to be col­or sep­a­ra­tions, since they are in blue-black ink and are not just black-and-white.…

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