Winston Churchill, Myth and Reality

Winston Churchill, Myth and Reality

Winston Churchill, Myth and Reality: What He Actually Did and Said

churchill“No one alive knows more about Win­ston Churchill than Richard Lang­worth, his vic­ar on earth. This superb book lays bare the lies told by some, but also reveals new truths about the Great­est Eng­lish­man.” —Andrew Roberts, Lehrman Insti­tute Dis­tin­guished Schol­ar, NY His­tor­i­cal Society


About this book:

This ground-break­ing work refutes long­stand­ing attacks on Churchill’s actions and char­ac­ter. Among them: that he used troops against strik­ers, opposed votes for women, was an ene­my of Irish inde­pen­dence, cost lives at the Dar­d­anelles, pro­mot­ed the use of poi­son gas, hat­ed Gand­hi and the Jews, admired Hitler, praised Mus­soli­ni, knew about Pearl Har­bor before­hand, allowed Coven­try to be bombed to pro­tect secret intel­li­gence, refused to bomb Auschwitz, and want­ed to nuke the Rus­sians after World War II.

On these and many oth­er charges, Richard Lang­worth pow­er­ful­ly sup­ports Churchill’s good name. Here is “The Case for the Defense”—what Churchill real­ly thought and did—over many issues still on our minds today.

“Why is Churchill so wide­ly quot­ed and admired?” Lang­worth asks. “Because he stood for some­thing: for lib­er­ty, jus­tice, and peace. Uncom­mon­ly for a politi­cian, he thought deeply about the nature of human­i­ty; his devo­tion to free­dom, his mag­na­nim­i­ty toward for­mer foes, solved many seem­ing­ly intractable prob­lems. As I note here­in, he was not infal­li­ble, and it dimin­ish­es him to treat him as super-human. But his faults were eclipsed by his virtues, and his record stands undiminished.”



1 “Chief Leader of Men”

2 Jennie’s Indis­cre­tions, Jack’s Parentage

3 The Men­ace of Education

4 What Killed Lord Randolph?


Young States­man 

5 Votes for Women

6 The Sink­ing of the Titan­ic

7 The Unpleas­ant­ness on Sid­ney Street WSC 

8 “The Sullen Feet of March­ing Men in Tonypandy”

9 Ire­land: “Tell Win­ston we could have done noth­ing with­out him.”


World War I 

10 “Win­ston has got on all his war-paint”

11 The Defense of Antwerp

12 The Dar­d­anelles and Gallipoli

13 Loss of the Lusi­ta­nia

14 Amer­i­ca and World War I

15 Chem­i­cal Warfare


Between the World Wars 

16 Tak­ing More out of Alcohol

17 “The Foul Baboon­ery of Bolshevism”

18 Tri­al by Jewry

19 The Trou­ble with Mr. Gandhi

20 Mus­soli­ni, Law­giv­er and Jackal

21 Hitler as Great Contemporary


World War II

22 The Voice They Heard

23 Depre­da­tions of the State

24 Tor­tur­ous Topics

25 Bomb­ing Coventry

26 Sec­ond Front Fracas

27 Mad Bomber

28 Starv­ing the Indians

29 The Brain in Spain was Not in the Plane

30 The Destruc­tion of Monte Cassino

31 What about Auschwitz?

32 Feed­ing Occu­pied Europe


Post­war Years

33 Spheres of Influence

34 Shock­ing Facts

35 Trou­ble ’n’ Strife 

36 “In Europe, but Not of It”

37 The Com­mon Touch



I Things That Go Bump in the Night: Minor Myths Enumerate

II Red Her­rings: Sum­ma­ry of Mytho­log­i­cal Churchill Quotes

III Hills­dale Col­lege Churchill Project


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