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Sir Martin Gilbert CBE, 1936-2015 (2)

Sir Martin Gilbert CBE, 1936-2015 (2)

“Rose-lipt Maid­ens, Light­foot Lads” 

con­tin­ued from part 1

“Stop that!” Seat­ed beside him at his first appear­ance before the Churchill Society—the sec­ond Churchill Tour on 17 Sep­tem­ber 1985—I had caught Mar­tin Gilbert rif­fling through a brief­case crammed with sheets of yel­low foolscap, toss­ing some out as the min­utes ticked by before his lec­ture, “Churchill’s Lon­don: Spin­ning Top of Memories.”

It was the first time I would hear a Gilbert speech, and here he was, culling it already. “This is my ‘Speech Form,’” he explained, refer­ring to the term Churchill used for his speak­ing notes. Unlike Churchill, whose typed speech notes includ­ed every word, the lines picked out like vers­es of the Psalms, Martin’s sheets each con­tained only a few hand­writ­ten words.…

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