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The Churchill Bust: Not Again!?

The Churchill Bust: Not Again!?

The elec­tion of Mr. Trump promis­es a sur­prise around every cor­ner. But I nev­er expect­ed the old Churchill bust busi­ness to come fly­ing back on the wings of pet­ty out­rage.

Lest this be thought pedan­tic, let’s start with two mod­est pro­pos­als: 1) For any U.S. pres­i­dent to keep a bust of Win­ston Churchill in the Oval Office is, for any­one who admires Churchill, a great thing. 2) Every pres­i­dent has the right to the totems of his choice.

Prime Min­is­ter Cameron and Pres­i­dent Oba­ma abut each oth­er whilst admir­ing the White House Churchill bust Oba­ma didn’t remove. (White House pho­to)

There is a lot of igno­rance and con­fu­sion over exact­ly what Churchilliana resides in the White House.…

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