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Churchill, Troops & Strikers (1)

Churchill, Troops & Strikers (1)

Did Churchill Send Troops Against Strik­ers? “Guilty with an Expla­na­tion”

In a time when the actions of police forces are ques­tioned, when the Nation­al Guard is some­times deployed dur­ing riotous protests in which local res­i­dents are the main vic­tims, Churchill’s expe­ri­ence with strik­ers is wor­thy of study, his mag­na­nim­i­ty wor­thy of reflec­tion.

“The sullen feet of march­ing men in Tony­pandy….” Prime Min­is­ter Harold Wil­son on Churchill’s death, 1965. (Wiki­me­dia)

For a cen­tu­ry it has been part of social­ist demonolo­gy that Churchill sent troops to quell a 1910 min­ers’ strike in Tony­pandy, Wales. In 1967 an Oxford under­grad­u­ate wrote that Churchill had actu­al­ly accom­pa­nied the sol­diers with tanks, which was very pre­scient of him, since they had yet to be invent­ed.…

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