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Reborn English—or American? (P.S. on Poker)

Reborn English—or American? (P.S. on Poker)

An author would like to include a quo­ta­tion which he believes may have orig­i­nat­ed from Sir Win­ston Churchill. Pur­port­ed­ly, Churchill was told by a man, “If I had not been a Ger­man I would have want­ed to be an Eng­lish­man.” To this he replied, “If I had not been born an Eng­lish­man, I too would have want­ed to be an Eng­lish­man.” —H.P., Lon­don

I checked this line, and vari­a­tions and pieces of it, against my dig­i­tal file of 50 mil­lion words by and about Churchill, includ­ing all his books, arti­cles, speech­es and pub­lished papers, but there were no hits. It doesn’t sound like him, real­ly, since the only time he con­tem­plat­ed being any­thing oth­er than Eng­lish was after the war:

Clark Clif­ford, 1906-1998.…

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