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Churchill Artist Richard Deane Taylor

Churchill Artist Richard Deane Taylor

Can you please tell me who the artist is who cre­at­ed the love­ly image of Win­ston Churchill on your book Churchill by Him­self?  —M.D., London 

With plea­sure. He is Richard Deane Tay­lor, who paint­ed the orig­i­nal for a Collier’s cov­er in 1951 after Churchill had returned to Down­ing Street fol­low­ing the Gen­er­al Elec­tion. Click here for his vir­tu­al gallery.

Mr. Tay­lor, who died a few years ago, gave per­mis­sion to use it on the jack­et of the British edi­tion of Churchill by Him­self, which came to pass.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, while the pub­lish­ers did make good efforts to light­en his eyes (which in life were very light blue), they cropped the top of WSC’s head, incur­ring the ire of Lady Soames and this writer, and some­what spoil­ing the effect, although they have promised to fix this in the sec­ond edition—”if there is one.”…

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