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Shocking Facts: “Nuke the Soviets”

Shocking Facts: “Nuke the Soviets”

Novem­ber 5th— A call from the Lon­don Dai­ly Mail: “We are doing a piece on a new book and want­ed to run it by you.”

Novem­ber 6th— The new book is Thomas Maier’s When Lions Roar: The Churchills and the Kennedys. What’s excit­ing is their dis­cov­ery of a Shock­ing Fact about Churchill (Shock­ing Fact #22,385, by my count.)

Mr. Maier reports, calm­ly and dis­pas­sion­ate­ly, a 1947 con­ver­sa­tion between Churchill and Sen­a­tor Stiles Bridges (R-NH). In it, Churchill says “that if an atom­ic bomb could be dropped on the Krem­lin wip­ing it out, it would be a very easy prob­lem to han­dle the bal­ance of Rus­sia, which would be with­out direction.”…

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