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Churchill and the Kilkenny Cats

Churchill and the Kilkenny Cats

Or: “Is the U.S. Sen­ate like the Kilken­ny Cats?”

A Churchillian friend who has writ­ten to her Sen­a­tors emails:

This brief video by Sen­a­tor Rand Paul is a good exam­ple of why the Unit­ed States Con­gress has only a 10% approval rat­ing. Isn’t Sen­a­tor Reid in charge in the Sen­ate? The video explains why the Sen­ate is an insult to the Amer­i­can people.

I’ve giv­en up on the U.S. Sen­ate, myself. I’m glad some­body is still writ­ing them letters.

Will any read­er advise whether Sen­a­tor Paul won on his July 29th point of order, attempt­ing to get extra time to read a 600-page Sen­ate bill due for a vote in six or eight hours?…

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