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Translations of “The Second World War”

Translations of “The Second World War”

I‘m work­ing on an arti­cle and there are some details I need to know: (1) The num­ber of lan­guages into which Churchill’s Sec­ond World War mem­oirs were trans­lat­ed and (2) The num­ber of lan­guages into which the 1959 abridged one-vol­ume edi­tion was trans­lat­ed. —G.A., Spain

Accord­ing to Ronald I. Cohen’s Bib­li­og­ra­phy of the Writ­ings of Sir Win­ston Churchill (Lon­don: Con­tin­u­um, 2006, 3 vols., I: 729-30), The Sec­ond World War was trans­lat­ed into nine­teen lan­guages: Czech, Croa­t­ian, Dan­ish, Dutch, French, Ger­man, Greek, Hebrew, Ital­ian, Japan­ese, Kore­an, Nor­we­gian, Pol­ish, Por­tuguese, Russ­ian, Ser­bian, Span­ish, Swedish and Turkish.…

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