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“The Packard”: Ne Plus Ultra of Automotive House Organs (1)

“The Packard”: Ne Plus Ultra of Automotive House Organs (1)

The Packard, the most ele­gant peri­od­i­cal ever pub­lished by an automak­er, spanned the Packard motorcar’s gold­en age. Dwight Hein­muller of The Packard Club spent many years track­ing and scan­ning the rare copies. Sav­ing The Packard for pos­ter­i­ty, he is post­ing high-def­i­n­i­tion scans on the club web­site. Sev­en­ty-sev­en of the 110 issues are present, with more to come. Since that post includes only excerpts of my 1981 his­to­ry of The Packard, I pub­lish the full text in two parts here­in. RML

1. The Packard: setting the standard, 1910-11

“I am much pleased with the idea of pub­lish­ing a peri­od­i­cal intend­ed to cir­cu­late among all who are inter­est­ed in Packard wel­fare,” wrote Gen­er­al Man­ag­er Alvan Macauley in June 1910.…

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