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Youth vs. Maturity; Principle in Politics

Youth vs. Maturity; Principle in Politics

I am try­ing to ver­i­fy two quotes attrib­uted to Mr Churchill. Can you assist? 1. Youth is for free­dom and reform, matu­ri­ty for judi­cious com­pro­mise and old age is for sta­bil­i­ty and repose. 2. What is the use of Par­lia­ment if it is not the place where true state­ments can be brought before the peo­ple? What on earth is the use of send­ing Mem­bers to Par­lia­ment to say what they are told to say by Min­is­te­r­i­al plat­i­tude? What val­ue can we place on our par­lia­men­tary insti­tu­tions if con­stituen­cies return only lame, docile and sub­servient mem­bers who try to stamp on every form of inde­pen­dent judge­ment?…

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