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December 7th, 1941: Canada First to Declare War

December 7th, 1941: Canada First to Declare War

At War on the 7th Apro­pos Decem­ber 7th, my friend Randy Bar­ber (Ontario) writes: “Recent­ly, I pur­chased sev­en copies of a World War II Cana­di­an Army news­pa­per called Kha­ki. I have a think to tell you about the 7th, from read­ing papers and the let­ters to the edi­tor  from 1944: In a ques­tion to the edi­tor about which coun­try first declared war on Japan after the bomb­ing of Pearl Har­bor, the answer was, not the Unit­ed States or Great Britain (which declared war on Decem­ber 8th). It was Cana­da, which declared war on Decem­ber 7th. Thus endeth your his­to­ry les­son for today.…

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