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“Leaders: Churchill,” with Robert Hardy (1986)

“Leaders: Churchill,” with Robert Hardy (1986)

I have been search­ing for video of a  stage per­for­mance of Churchill by Robert Hardy. It was pro­duced by David Susskind in 1986 for the Pub­lic Broad­cast­ing Net­work. PBS has no records old­er than five years. Can you help? —R.S.

The Robert Hardy per­for­mance you are look­ing for is “Churchill” in the David Susskind “Lead­ers” series. The 90-minute one-man show was broad­cast by PBS in 1986. Robert was a the great­est Churchill ever, but his “Wilder­ness Years” per­for­mance, script­ed by Sir Mar­tin Gilbert, was far more accu­rate.…

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