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The Word Play of “Notability or Notoriety”

The Word Play of “Notability or Notoriety”

One remark I love to quote but can­not locate is WSC’s self avowed quest for fame by “nota­bil­i­ty or noto­ri­ety.” Great word play. The best I can remem­ber is see­ing it in one of the ear­ly com­pan­ion vol­umes of the offi­cial biog­ra­phy, edit­ed by his son Ran­dolph. —M.W., New Jersey

I have sent this to sev­er­al col­leagues to help fath­om, because I can­not pro­vide you with the ref­er­ence. In search­ing my scanned data, the only instance of “nota­bil­i­ty and noto­ri­ety” (togeth­er) is in Finest Hour 99, p 19 (“Pat­terns in Churchill’s Charmed Life” by Man­fred Wei­d­horn).…

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