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Murder (“The West”) Incorporated

Murder (“The West”) Incorporated

“Is World War II Still ‘the Good War’?” by Adam Kirsch. The New York Times Sun­day Book Review, 27 May 2011. Adam Kirsch, a senior edi­tor at The New Repub­lic, offers a thought­ful piece of decon­struc­tion which dredges up every major Churchill crit­ic of the past five years, all in one handy if ver­bose arti­cle. As a sam­pling of the Churchill fever swamps, it is unsurpassed.

The ques­tion we are asked to con­sid­er is whether World War II was real­ly a “good war.” War is hell, which is why west­ern democ­ra­cies like Britain and France spent six years try­ing to avoid it.…

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