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He drank 42,000 bottles of champagne?

He drank 42,000 bottles of champagne?

It’s nice to be quot­ed, even if it’s only your pen name, in my case “Michael Richards.” In “Churchill’s Leg­endary Thirst,” The Her­ald (Scot­land) of 4 Octo­ber 2014, drinks colum­nist Tom Bruce-Gar­dyne kind­ly quotes me while reveal­ing the aston­ish­ing cal­cu­la­tion that Churchill drank 42,000 bot­tles of champagne!….

The claim is one of a stream culled from a new book by the team behind the tele­vi­sion pro­gramme QI. The total amount of fizz – enough to float a bat­tle­ship – is a sim­ple cal­cu­la­tion which takes an arbi­trary date of 1908, when Sir Win­ston Churchill was 34, and assumes he drank an aver­age of two bot­tles a day for the rest of his life….…

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