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Churchill and the “Feeble-Minded,” Part 1

Churchill and the “Feeble-Minded,” Part 1

We pub­lished in 2010 an account of Churchill’s youth­ful (cir­ca 1910) fling with Eugen­ics, a pseu­do-sci­ence pop­u­lar at the turn of the cen­tu­ry, that favored ster­il­iz­ing or con­fin­ing the “fee­ble-mind­ed” to “main­tain the race” (race being what­ev­er race the Eugen­ics enthu­si­ast hap­pened to be).

This drew an irate let­ter from a man who said he will nev­er think the same of Churchill, know­ing that he could have sup­port­ed such hor­ren­dous ideas (which were actu­al­ly once law in Britain and in some Amer­i­can states):

No tru­ly edu­cat­ed intel­li­gent per­son, even in those ear­ly years, can have bought into Eugen­ics.…

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