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Safeguarding the Arts

Safeguarding the Arts

Please ver­i­fy a Churchill story/quotation dur­ing his defense of his bud­get in front of the House of Com­mons while Lon­don was being bombed. A Mem­ber ques­tioned Churchill’s increase in the arts bud­get while Britain was fight­ing for her life. Churchill’s sup­pos­ed­ly respond­ed that he could jus­ti­fy the increase “to remind us what we are fight­ing for.” —K.L., Chicago.

This alleged quo­ta­tion was raised some few years ago in the Vil­lage Voice and is all over the web, but it is not among Churchill’s 15 mil­lion pub­lished words in speech­es, papers, let­ters, arti­cles or books.

It was reprised recent­ly by actor Kevin Spacey to Chris Matthews of MSNBC, though the Youtube post actu­al­ly cor­rects the mis­quote with a tex­tu­al over­lay.…

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