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Churchill Clairvoyant: Vision of 1940 to Evans

Churchill Clairvoyant: Vision of 1940 to Evans

Great web­site! I am a psy­chol­o­gist writ­ing a book man­u­script on the bio­log­i­cal basis of self-con­fi­dence. I am an admir­er of Churchill, I would like to use a quote from The Gath­er­ing Storm movie to demon­strate Churchill’s tremen­dous con­fi­dence. Can you help me find the film com­ment, to Ralph Wigram?  In con­ver­sa­tion with a school­mate [Mur­land Evans] he says he had a strange feel­ing. One day, he said, Britain would be in great dan­ger, and it will fall to him to save Lon­don. —B.J.S.

Private Doubts

Thanks for the kind words. Pri­vate­ly the Churchill of ear­ly World War II was not so con­fi­dent as his speech­es pro­claimed.…

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