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Heroes or Skunks

Heroes or Skunks

Hence, we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like Greeks. This quote is often accom­pa­nied by an audio clip which does not sound like Churchill. My assump­tion is that he may have writ­ten it but the speech was deliv­ered by some­one else on the radio. Is there any source of this quote or pos­si­ble mis­quote? It is used reg­u­lar­ly by the Greeks dur­ing Oxi Day cel­e­bra­tions and would be won­der­ful to find a source either way. —M.A., via email You’re right. It’s some actor. (See “One-Man  Churchill Plays”.)  I can­not track that quo­ta­tion, but it may be a bowd­ler­iza­tion of some­thing Churchill said about fight­ing the Ital­ians.…

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