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Churchill on the Stimulus Package

Churchill on the Stimulus Package

No, Sir Win­ston has not inter­rupt­ed his first mil­lion years in heav­en to com­ment on the U.S. Government’s “Fis­cal Stim­u­lus Pack­age.” And I’m not going to sug­gest what he would think of it—heaven for­bid. I’ve just sift­ed through Churchill by Him­self for applic­a­ble quo­ta­tions, rang­ing them in strict chrono­log­i­cal order. Draw your own conclusions:

“You may, by the arbi­trary and ster­ile act of Government—for, remem­ber, Gov­ern­ments cre­ate noth­ing and have noth­ing to give but what they have first tak­en away—you may put mon­ey in the pock­et of one set of Eng­lish­men, but it will be mon­ey tak­en from the pock­ets of anoth­er set of Eng­lish­men, and the greater part will be spilled on the way.”…

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