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Churchill’s Butterflies

Churchill’s Butterflies

David Rid­dle, a Nation­al Trust vol­un­teer at Chartwell, offers the obscure his­to­ry of the “But­ter­fly House” Churchill estab­lished to prop­a­gate but­ter­flies on the grounds of his home:


The But­ter­fly House was first used as a game larder between 1869-1889 by the Colquhoun fam­i­ly, who owned the Chartwell Estate between 1830 and 1921. In 1924, Churchill and Philip Tilden, his archi­tect, con­vert­ed the larder to a sum­mer house by remov­ing the east wall. In 1946 it was con­vert­ed again, this time to a But­ter­fly House. Churchill used it for rais­ing cater­pil­lars, chrysalis­es, etc. He received advice from but­ter­flies expert L.…

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