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Did Churchill Praise Hitler?

Did Churchill Praise Hitler?

The film “Judg­ment at Nurem­berg” sug­gests that Churchill “praised Hitler” right after the Munich Pact, which would seem an odd time for Churchill to be singing the prais­es of the Führer. What’s the sto­ry? —K.C., Washington

In a speech to the Reich­stag in ear­ly Novem­ber 1938, Hitler had attacked Churchill and oth­ers who had object­ed to the Munich Pact by name and describ­ing them as “war­mon­gers.” Reply­ing in the House of Com­mons on 6 Novem­ber, Churchill said:

I am sur­prised that the head of a great State should set him­self to attack British mem­bers of Par­lia­ment who hold no offi­cial posi­tion and who are not even the lead­ers of par­ties.…

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