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Misquotes: “At your throat or your feet”

Misquotes: “At your throat or your feet”

The Huff­in­g­ton Post reports that the Nation­al Memo’s Joe Cona­son crit­i­cized Joe Scarborough’s ambiva­lent atti­tude toward the Clin­tons by mis­quot­ing Churchill: “It’s what he said about the Hun, which is, ‘They’re either at your feet or at your throat.'”

“You just used a Win­ston Churchill quote to com­pare me to a Nazi because you don’t like the facts,” Scar­bor­ough replied.

“No, I didn’t com­pare you to a Nazi,” said Cona­son. “He wasn’t talk­ing about the Nazis, he was talk­ing about World War I. [The Huns] were not Nazis.”

Ah, all Huns are not Nazis, but in Churchill’s con­text, most Nazis were Huns!…

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