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Cole Porter and a Vanished Culture: Brewster and Mussolini

Cole Porter and a Vanished Culture: Brewster and Mussolini

 “You’re the top: You’re a Brewster body”

Down­load­ing a Cole Porter clas­sic, “You’re the Top,” to Spo­ti­fy, I real­ized how much the lyrics have changed. Some vers­es were altered, oth­ers just dropped, because they’d only baf­fle peo­ple. Take for exam­ple my favorite—a verse now extinct, because it’s well-nigh unrecognizable:

You’re the top! You’re a Ritz hot toddy.

You ‘re the top! You’re a Brew­ster body.

You’re the boats that glide on the sleepy Zuider Zee,

You ‘re a Nathan Pan­ning, You’re Bish­op Man­ning, You’re broccoli!

Brew­ster and Com­pa­ny was a car­riage mak­er found­ed by James Brew­ster in New Haven, Con­necti­cut in 1810.…

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Churchill and Texas: The Complete History

Churchill and Texas: The Complete History

Q: Was Churchill ever in Texas?

A. The clos­est Churchill came to vis­it­ing Texas was in 1938, when he planned a series of lec­tures begin­ning at Fort Worth and Dal­las. It was to have last­ed six weeks in Novem­ber and Decem­ber. The Munich Cri­sis inter­fered and the lec­ture tour was cancelled.

Churchill was, how­ev­er, an Hon­orary Free­man of the City of Dal­las. In the 1970s Dal­las boast­ed a neo-Vic­to­ri­an night spot called the Churchill Club. It was dec­o­rat­ed with the great man’s pic­tures and quo­ta­tions. There were Union Flags and a let­ter from WSC accept­ing his Free­man­ship of the city.…

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