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Churchill Documents: The Italian Navy

Churchill Documents: The Italian Navy

Excerpt­ed from “The Ital­ian Navy in The Churchill Doc­u­ments, Vol­ume 19,” by Andrew Roberts. To read the full arti­cle, click here.

Fate­ful Ques­tions: Sep­tem­ber 1943 to April 1944, lat­est vol­ume in The Churchill Doc­u­ments, is avail­able from Hills­dale Col­lege Book­store. To order click here.

Andrew Roberts writes:

After the sur­ren­der of Italy to the Allies in Sep­tem­ber 1943, the Ital­ian Fleet was appor­tioned between the Allied pow­ers and absorbed into their navies. Although the Axis had by then been cleared out of the Mediter­ranean, the ships played a sig­nif­i­cant part in the rest of the war.…

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