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Boris: What Winston Would Do, Part 13,783

Boris: What Winston Would Do, Part 13,783

Lon­don May­or Boris John­son has dis­obeyed the Lady Soames Com­mand­ment: “Thou shall not say what my father would do today.” May the fleas of a thou­sand camels infest his pyjamas.

Dur­ing a Dai­ly Tele­graph read­ers Q&A to launch Johnson’s new book, The Churchill Fac­tor, Tele­graph Head of Books Gaby Wood asked the May­or what “we could take from Churchill today” and whether Islam­o­fas­cism was an equiv­a­lent threat to the Nazis.

Although Mr. John­son said he did not know whether Churchill would get involved in Iraq, he added: “I think he would have been in favour of air pow­er. I think air strikes but not boots on the ground is my hunch on where he would have been because he wasn’t obsessed with for­eign entanglements.”…

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