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“Enemies of Civilization”: Not Churchill’s

“Enemies of Civilization”: Not Churchill’s

In a 1920 arti­cle,  “Zion­ism ver­sus Bol­she­vism,” Churchill not­ed that many lead­ing Bol­she­viks were Jews. Colum­nist Roger Cohen is now read­ing this to mean that Churchill con­sid­ered Jews ene­mies of civilization.

Quot­ing Churchill out of con­text has become a hob­by among those deter­mined to find among his 20 mil­lion words exact­ly what they hope to find, instead of what he wrote or said. Roger Cohen is too respect­ed a writer to be among them.

In “Jews in a Whis­per” (New York Times Sun­day Review, 21 August 2011), Mr. Cohen argues  that “Jews, with their his­to­ry, can­not become the sys­tem­at­ic oppres­sors of anoth­er peo­ple.”…

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