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Long Island by Bicycle, January 2009

Long Island by Bicycle, January 2009

Most peo­ple trav­el to and from my home island of Eleuthera via Nas­sau or Flori­da. Neigh­bour­ing islands on the Bahamas “out­er banks”—Cat Island and Long Island—seem to fall under the old adage: “You can’t get there from here.” Actu­al­ly you can—with an expen­sive char­ter flight or boat—but it’s sim­pler to go via Nassau.

Thus three mem­bers of the “Eleuthera Long Rid­ers” bicy­cle club, John Birzten of Governor’s Har­bour, Arring­ton McCardy from Hatch­et Bay, and this writer from Rain­bow Bay—arrived to cycle Long Island on Jan­u­ary 21st-23rd.

Trav­el­ing “tra­di­tion­al,” we used most­ly mail­boats.…

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