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Pamela Beryl Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman 1920-1997

Pamela Beryl Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman 1920-1997

Excerpt­ed from “Great Con­tem­po­raries, Pamela Har­ri­man,” Hills­dale Col­lege Churchill Project. To read the full-strength orig­i­nal with more illus­tra­tions, click here. Bet­ter yet, join 60,000 read­ers of Hills­dale essays by the world’s best Churchill writ­ers. by sub­scrib­ing. You will receive reg­u­lar notices (“Week­ly Win­stons”) of new arti­cles as pub­lished. Vis­it https://winstonchurchill.hillsdale.edu/, scroll to bot­tom and fill in your email in the box enti­tled “Stay in touch with us.” Your email will remain a rid­dle wrapped a mys­tery inside an enigma.

Pamela: she got there on her own

In Decem­ber 1941 Win­ston Churchill. dis­arm­ing what­ev­er crit­ics he still had, told the U.S.…

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