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Churchill’s Term “Christian Civilization”

Churchill’s Term “Christian Civilization”

An ear­li­er post here on Churchill and Reli­gion has been picked up (in con­text albeit some­what abbre­vi­at­ed) by Wal­lace Hen­ley in “The Glob­al Tsuna­mi on ‘Good'” in CP News. “I am not argu­ing for a Chris­t­ian theoc­ra­cy,” Mr. Hen­ley writes,

but for adher­ence to the basic doc­trines of life, love and care described in Scrip­ture. Win­ston Churchill argued that the great goal of the Sec­ond World War was the sur­vival of what he called repeat­ed­ly “Chris­t­ian civ­i­liza­tion.” Richard Lang­worth, a Churchill schol­ar, says that by “Chris­t­ian civ­i­liza­tion” Churchill thought that Christianity’s “prin­ci­ples applied broad­ly to all of mankind regard­less of reli­gion.” Just as, to Churchill, the word “man” meant humankind, his allu­sions to Chris­tian­i­ty embod­ied prin­ci­ples he con­sid­ered “uni­ver­sal” and that “applied broad­ly to all mankind regard­less of reli­gion.”

This is all right as far as it goes, but it leaves out some of the essence.…

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