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Islam’s “Religion of Blood and War”

Islam’s “Religion of Blood and War”

The web­site Weapon of Musi­cal Defense quotes your book Churchill by Him­self and records: “After 9-11 we were hor­ri­fied at the hate & exhor­ta­tions to vio­lence we read in the Koran so we began learn­ing more about what Win­ston Churchill called ‘the reli­gion of blood and war.'” Did Churchill refer to Islam in those words? —I.L.

Yes, in his first book, The Sto­ry of the Malakand Field Force (Lon­don: Long­mans Green, 1898). Quot­ing from the new edi­tion (Lon­don: Leo Coop­er, 1991), page 27:

But the Mahommedan reli­gion increas­es, instead of less­en­ing, the fury of intol­er­ance.…

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