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The Alcohol Question (Again)

The Alcohol Question (Again)

Ref­er­ence to Churchill and abuse of alco­hol. When my father and I had lunch with Churchill at the House of Com­mons in 1952, I cer­tain­ly did not see Churchill drink any more than the usu­al lunch time glass of wine. My father nev­er men­tioned his exces­sive use of alco­hol in any form.—R.W.

He had an impres­sive capac­i­ty but you’re right. Except for a body­guard who helped him and Eden tot­ter home after a night of toasts with the Rus­sians at Teheran, no one close ever saw him the worse for drink. (Well, Alan­brooke some­times wrote in his diary that the boss was ine­bri­at­ed.…

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