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Churchill and Israel

Churchill and Israel

A recent arti­cle declares: “Churchill, a Zion­ist, was the first politi­cian to call for the cre­ation of  Israel in 1905.” Where exact­ly did he say that? —G.H., New York City

Churchill was cer­tain­ly pro-Zion­ist by 1905, but I can find no pub­lic state­ment call­ing for an inde­pen­dent Israel before her actu­al inde­pen­dence in 1948. Until then he called for a “Jew­ish Nation­al Home,” believ­ing, with what cyn­ics might call incur­able opti­mism, that Arabs and Jews in Pales­tine could coex­ist peace­ful­ly, point­ing to the ben­e­fits the Jews had brought in the form of irri­ga­tion and horticulture. …

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