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Operation Mincemeat: The Sicily Deception

Operation Mincemeat: The Sicily Deception

A rather breath­less review in The New York Times in May described Ewen Mon­tagu, “The man who nev­er was,” as a prin­ci­pal in a decep­tion which tricked the Nazis into expect­ing an inva­sion of Greece rather than Sici­ly by the Allies in 1943, after hav­ing dri­ven Rom­mel and the Afri­ka Korps from North Africa. The idea—which the Times implies was unheard of until now—was to drop a corpse where it would con­ve­nient­ly wash up on a Span­ish beach, plant­ed with false papers nam­ing Greece as the inva­sion tar­get and Sici­ly as the diver­sion. The Spaniards would hope­ful­ly place the false papers in Ger­man hands, and the Ger­mans would shift their defens­es to Greece and ignore Sicily—the real target.…

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