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Pearl Harbor: Did Churchill Know?

Pearl Harbor: Did Churchill Know?

This may seem like a sil­ly ques­tion but it was brought up by a sup­posed World War II “his­to­ri­an,” with no proof, of course. The per­son stat­ed that Churchill “tricked” Franklin Roo­sevelt into join­ing the war effort. Is there any proof of this or is it just a myth?  I find it hard to believe. FDR joined the war after Pearl Har­bor was attacked. I can­not see how some­one is tricked into join­ing a war. Any insight you can give will be much appre­ci­at­ed. —G.K.

It’s an old favorite of the “full-moon­ers,” but has long been reject­ed by the more seri­ous his­to­ri­ans. 

Sir Ian Ker­shaw, the Hitler biog­ra­ph­er, pub­lished a fine book that touch­es on this and relat­ed events: Fate­ful Choic­es: Ten Deci­sions that Changed the World, 1940-1941, which I reviewed in 2008.…

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