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“The Turnip”: Churchill’s Breguet Pocket Watch

“The Turnip”: Churchill’s Breguet Pocket Watch

Sir Win­ston Churchill pre­ferred radio to tele­vi­sion and, not sur­pris­ing­ly, pock­et watch­es to wrist­watch­es. He called his gold Breguet pock­et watch “The Turnip.” There are sev­er­al amus­ing ref­er­ences to it:

Sarah Churchill, A Thread in the Tapes­try, 38:

“One day at lunch when cof­fee and brandy were being served my father decid­ed to have a slight ‘go’ at Pro­fes­sor Lin­de­mann, his sci­en­tif­ic advis­er] who had just com­plet­ed a trea­tise on the quan­tum the­o­ry. ‘Prof’ he said, ‘tell us in words of one syl­la­ble and in no longer than five min­utes what is the quan­tum the­o­ry.’ My father then placed his large gold watch, known as the ‘turnip,’on the table.…

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