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Churchill’s Biographers: Manchester vs. Gilbert

Churchill’s Biographers: Manchester vs. Gilbert

Man­ches­ter vs. Gilbert is excerpt­ed from a longer piece which can read in entire­ty on the Hills­dale Col­lege Churchill Project. 


I’ve been slog­ging through the William Man­ches­ter Churchill tril­o­gy, The Last Lion. How is Hillsdale’s eight vol­ume Win­ston S. Churchill by Ran­dolph Churchill and Mar­tin Gilbert dif­fer­ent? —M.A., Louisiana.


If you are slog­ging through Man­ches­ter, you may find Gilbert a chal­lenge. There is a vast dif­fer­ence, both writ­ers have their advan­tages, but Gilbert is the source on which schol­ars rely.

Music by Churchill, Lyrics by Manchester

William Man­ches­ter was a styl­ist, a lyri­cal, beau­ti­ful writer.…

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