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11th Duke of Marlborough

11th Duke of Marlborough

Pho­to by Allen War­ren, 1984.

“You mustn’t address him as ‘Your Grace.’”

It was 2005. Lady Soames was help­ing me write to her cousin the Duke, ask­ing (again) for the lease (at anoth­er friend-of-the-fam­i­ly dis­count) of the Great Hall at Blenheim Palace for a black tie din­ner to crown the 13th Churchill Tour.

“What should I call him then? I can’t say ‘Sun­ny,’ as you do!” (The fam­i­ly nick­name stemmed from the Duke’s first title, Earl of Sun­der­land.)

“Of course not. But ‘Your Grace’ is too for­mal, or for ser­vants. Why not write, ‘My Dear Duke’?”

“Sounds pos­i­tive­ly medieval,” I said, draw­ing a snort from Win­ston Churchill’s daugh­ter.…

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