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Driving in Britain Then & Now

Driving in Britain Then & Now

Driving…if you dare

A friend head­ed for Eng­land who heard about their speed cam­eras asks how many he’ll encounter. Answer: a lot. Even out in the coun­try, they snap away at you.

Hav­ing logged about 80,000 road miles in the UK since 1974, I’ve noticed this and oth­er changes that turned dri­ving from a joy to drudgery. Of course a lot has to do with the huge growth of cars on cramped roads. Per­haps the mod­ern depre­da­tions of the State are a result rather than a cause. Head­ed into Dorch­ester one Sat­ur­day morn­ing, I had to resort to an Ord­nance Sur­vey map to get in using one-track roads—all the arter­ies were packed and stuck.…

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